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Question And Answers

What do IBOEHS provide?

IBOEHS provides certification of various levels to safety professionals considering their educational qualification, experience, performance and achievements in qualifying examination conducted by IBOEHS examination Proctors.

What are the certifications provided by IBOEHS?

IBOEHS provide,

  1. Registered Safety Officer (RSO) - Must have high school diploma.
  2. Registered Safety Manager (RSM) - RSO qualified or Safety Officers with 3 years proven experience. 
  3. Registered Safety Professional Certification (RSP) - RSM / Bachelor degree in Occupational Health and Safety/A level 6 diploma in OSH/An associate degree in OSH/Safety Officers with 5 years proven experience. 
  4. Hospital Food Safety Manger - Graduate/Safety Officer with two years’ experience in hospital food service.  
  5. Registered Mine Safety Officer - Civil Engineers/Safety Officers with Construction Experience. 
  6. IBOEHS-USA OSHA - 30 Hrs (General Industry Standard) - Plus two/Safety Officers 
  7. IBOEHS-USA OSHA 30 Hrs  (Construction Industry Standard) - Plus two/Safety Officers
  8. Registered Environmental Officer(REO) - Graduates/Safety officer with Responsibility for Environmental Management 
  9. Registered Airport Safety Officer (RASO) - Graduation/Safety Officers with 3 years Proven Experience 
  10. Registered Infection control Manager - Graduate in zoology /Nursing qualified/Para Medical qualified 
  11. Registered Health Care Safety Officer (RHSO) - Graduate in Zoology /Nursing qualified/Para medical
  12. GCC Safety Regulation - Graduates/safety officers
  13. Registered Radiation Safety Officer (RASO) - Science graduates or safety officers with five years’ experience.
  14. Indian Safety Regulation - Graduates/Safety Officers
  15. Train The Trainer Program (TTP) – Trainers 
  16. IBOEHS Roustabout 

What are the benefits of having IBOEHS certification?

There are many organizations in USA, Canada, Madagascar, Middle East and South East Asia, they respect and follow OSHA Standards. Such companies would be preferring candidates with knowledge and qualification based on OSHA Standards even though the individual is having other international qualifications. So the employment opportunity to the individual will be multiplied. 

What are the requirements to become an Authorized Training Provider ?

In order to become an Authorized Training Provider the Training Centre should have a contact office and minimum one registered safety manager qualified instructor to teach RSO and RSM qualifications.
In order to teach RSP the instructor must be holding an RSP status.  

What happens if a Centre doesn’t have an RSM or RSP qualified instructor ?

IBOEHS can train instructors who is having minimum 3 years of safety experience and a benefited graduation qualification. 
Centre those who have no qualified instructor can contact IBOEHS for instructor supports on day rate basis.  

How much is the cost of Centre Authorization ?

Standard Centre authorization fee is USD 500/- This Payment includes : 
                            a) Centre Authorization letter 
                            b) Certificate showing Authorized Centre 
                            c) Right to use IBOEHS logo 
                            d) Listing of company name in IBOEHS website  
Note: Only RSP candidate can take IBOEHS Training and for RSP course fee is USD 500/- 

Does the Centre need to renew the Centre Approval ?

Yes, Initial Approval is for one year and the Centre will need to renew their status by paying USD 100 + Local Tax (LT) every after 12 months. 

What is the procedure to become an Authorized Training Provider?

In order to become an authorized training provider,
1. Fill up corporate verification form and submit it with minimum evidence of identity such as Certificate of Incorporation, pan card, location sketch and proof of address. 
2. Upon receipt of confirmation from IBOEHS the Centre Authorization Fee shall be paid to IBOEHS through its sole provider 
3. On receipt of payment IBOEHS shall issue Centre Authorization letter and certificate through its sole provider  

What are the roles and functions of Authorized Training providers ?

  1. Marketing the course. 
  2. Booking the examination by paying prescribed fee with sole provider. 
  3. Conducting classes. 
  4. Arrange venue for examination. 

What are the minimum recommended facility for conducting class and examination ?

Examination facility should have minimum 1.5 meter space around each student with adequate ventilation, illumination, drinking water facility and toilet facility for male and female candidate. 
Convenient seating arrangement should be provided in classroom. Classroom should have audio visual facility with access to drinking water, male and female toilets and facility for group discussion/ mock drills.
Organization should have an emergency procedure and adequate arrangements in place.

How to register the course with IBOEHS/Sole provider ?

Authorized Providers shall forward the details of students along with USD 130/per candidate to IBOEHS/Sole provider. Students will be registered for the examination only on receipt of registration fee. 

Who will proctor the examination ?

IBOEHS /Sole provider 

When does the Centre receive the examination result ?

On or before 15 days of examination 

Who will be receiving the examination result ?

Combined results will be sent only to the Authorized Training provider. 
Under no circumstances IBOEHS / sole provider will be dealing with the students directly except on emergency situation. 

Who will provide the Course Material to the Students ?

The provider should provide Course Material to their respective students. However IBOEHS will be providing soft copy of the course material and hall tickets to the Centre directly. 

How many days before the Centre should book the course with sole provider ?

At least 10 days before the course commencing. 

What happens if a student fails?

Students can take re – examination by paying USD 50 per attempt.

Is there any Quality checking by IBOEHS ?

Yes, Centre’s will be audited by IBOEHS officials once in a year. Centre has to provide evidence of                                  
                               i. Tutor Qualification                                       
                               ii. Conduct of Classes                                       
                               iii. Progress in examination results

Can a student or employer can verify the credibility of certification?

Yes, certified students details will be listed in the IBOEHS website. 

What is the procedure for status renewal ?

All RSO / RSM / RSP certificate holders should renew their status every after 2 years by paying USD 60 with authorization Centre or sole provider and completion of 16 hours continuous education.  
Students can submit any evidence of safety training attended as evidence. Centre’s will be paid USD 10 per cards till the Centre maintains its authorized training providers status.  
If the cardholder fails to renew its status they will not be permitted to use their respective status (RSO / RSM/ RSP) with their name and their name will be removed from the list of certified candidates.  

What is the type and duration of examination ?

Objective type of examination having 100 questions for two hours. 

How much a provider can charge from students for each course ?

IBOEHS has no control on such issue and provider has got full freedom to decide and fix the fee for their institute however provider should pay a nonrefundable pay of USD  75/- against  OSHA  standard programs of  30 hours ,USD 175 per RSO, and  REO candidates and USD 200/ for RSM  and RSP  candidates accordingly  while registering the students for course.  
Under no circumstances the fee paid against registration shall be refunded in case an examination is cancelled by an Authorized Training Provider except on emergency situations such as strikes, natural calamity or as situation warrants.  In case due to unavoidable circumstances IBOEHS cancel the exam the full fee shall be adjusted against next possible date of examination.  

How can a student replace his certificate in case of loss / damage ?

Cost of Replacement of certificate and wallet pack would be USD 50 per candidate which can be obtained from IBOEHS through the sole provider. 

What is the limit of jurisdiction ?

All disputes shall be under the sole jurisdiction of federal court of Arizona USA. 

How a provider can contact IBOEHS or sole provider ?

IBOEHS and sole provider can be reached on following address 
1818 W.Washington 
O Fallon 

Sole provider  
Clovers Safety Services Pvt. Ltd  
Clovers Blue tower  
Thengod post, Kakkanad  
Website: www.cloverssafety.com 
Ph.  +91 9072361373 
Email: support@cloverssafety.com