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Cal/OSHA Says Protect Workers from Wildfire Smoke

Cal/OSHA is reminding employers about the need for the proper protection and personal protective equipment as wildfires rage across the state. Smoke from wildfires contains chemicals, gases,... Read More

Senate proposes boost to OSHA budget, calls for ?timely? online posting of worker fatalities

Washington ? A slight increase to OSHA’s budget and the continuation of the Susan Harwood Training Grant Program are proposed in a Senate appropriations bill for fiscal year... Read More

Changes to OSHA?s beryllium standard for general industry

Washington ? OSHA’s “clarifying amendments” to its beryllium standard for general industry will go into effect July 6, the agency has announced. The changes... Read More

At-Home Safety: Preventing Child Heatstroke in Cars

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is reminding parents and others about the dangers of leaving children unattended in a vehicle. In the United States, one child dies... Read More

MSHA issues RFI on technologies to reduce mobile equipment, belt conveyor incidents

Arlington, VA ? The Mine Safety and Health Administration is seeking input on technologies that may help reduce incidents involving mobile equipment at surface mines, as well as belt conveyors at... Read More

Phone, tablet use at bedtime may reduce sleep quality: study

Boston ? Using light-emitting electronic devices at bedtime may be more detrimental to sleep quality than reading a book, according to a recent study from researchers at Brigham and... Read More

School?s out! Protect teen workers on the job

Summer is in full swing, and many teens and young adults are working summer jobs to earn money and gain job experience. Yet these young workers are often at greater risk of on-the-job injury than... Read More

NASA Seeks Prototypes for Deep Space Trash Handling

NASA has issued a call for prototypes for trash compaction and processing systems for future space craft flights. The agency issued the solicitation through Next Space Technologies for... Read More

New hazard alert targets confined space dangers of pesticide spray tanks

Olympia, WA ? Pesticide spray tanks are considered confined spaces if they?re big enough to enter (through a manhole cover or access port) and occupy, and require a permit for full or partial entry,... Read More

OSHA to extend compliance date, change ancillary provisions in beryllium standard for general industry

Washington ? OSHA will extend the compliance date for its beryllium standard for general industry and change certain ancillary provisions in the final rule, according to a settlement... Read More

Health care industry needs more OSHA standards, Inspections

Washington ? OSHA needs to issue more regulations that protect health care workers and conduct more inspections of facilities in that industry, according to a report released July 17 by... Read More

Changes to federal worker disability program under debate

Washington ? The Department of Labor claims proposed changes to its Federal Employees’ Compensation Act program would create a more equitable system, but some experts at a July 10... Read More

Work-related traffic deaths more common among older workers:

Atlanta ? Older workers die in highway transportation incidents more often than younger workers, according to a new analysis from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Using... Read More

Quicker case resolution part of new OSHRC strategic plan

Washington ? The Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission intends to reduce the average length of time it takes to resolve cases as part of its new five-year strategic plan. ... Read More