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Meet Our Great Team

We Are The Great Team In A Stream Of Architech.

Adrian Estes, PhD, RN, RSP

Executive Director

Doctrine in Health and Safety Management
Over 20 years serving the healthcare construction and oil & gas industries

Thomas Davidson, PhD, RSP

Chief Executive Officer

  • Doctrine in Occupational Health and Safety
  • Over 20 years experience in construction prior to

Mr. Dennis Leonard, RSP – Kiewit

IBOEHS Board of Governors

Served as the Kiewit Safety Director of Road Division for over 10 years, prior to taking over as Kiewit Safety Director of Mining Operations.

Mr. Rodelio Viado, RSP – Rodech Training (Philippines)

IBOEHS Board of Governors

Rodech Training (Philippines) Served as a Safety Manager in the Middle East Oil and Gas industry prior to staring and managing Rodech Training, where he has been the Managing Director for the past 15 years.


IBOEHS Board of Governors

Former Arizona Department of Occupational Safety and Health Compliance Officer, before starting POWERS SAFETY SERVICES consulting company 7 years ago

Mr. Wayne Martin, RSP – Phoenex Safety

IBOEHS Board of Governors

Retired from Verizon as Safety Manager. Started Phoenex Safety to provide safety consulting in the Telecommunications Industry.